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NDA FMCG Retail chain

2 different AI-based functionalities: working with reviews and generating product descriptions
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/ task
  • Build a system to classify store reviews by customer satisfaction level
  • Automate the creation of promotional product descriptions on the store’s website
/ Solution
  • Using large language models (LLM), we developed a system to categorize reviews of different product items by category (Complaint, Request, Question) and determine the level of satisfaction. With our solution we were able to achieve 99% accuracy on a test sample from a customer.
  • Generation of advertising description of products based on the name and ingredients list for the web platform. During the implementation of this function we have also used large language models with fully realized API for easy integration with the existing platform.
/ technologies
Python, PyTorch, Zephyr/Mistral LLMs, Docker, Git, Linux, OpenAI API, Flask, FastAPI.