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Smart Portal
Product for working with recordings of past videoconferences within corporations
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/ task
Solve the problem of chaos in corporate video calls. A simple catalog of video recordings is inconvenient for finding important recordings when you need to pull up the context of a meeting or recall the terms of an arrangement.
/ Solution
We created a product with a wide range of functionality:

  • Ability to recognize participants
  • Audio transcription
  • Keeping general notes for videos
  • Search through video recordings and their key moments: participants of the recording, start of the speech, trigger words, emotional peaks in the conversation
/ technologies
Technological complexity:

  • cascade of neural networks, integration with the customer’s existing title product, use of external solutions as part of the overall product, extensive search capabilities on different parameters;

  • possibilities of levels of access to video for different users;

  • public links to video;

  • system of logging user actions;